Foliage is peaking in Crawford Notch.  A two week dry spell points to Willey's Slide, though it's already running with water.  Dennis Crean samples a five pitch 5.7 on the left side.

Foliage is starting to peak in Crawford Notch.  A two week drought has shed some leaves early, but opened the possibility of rock climbing the granite slab that will soon form the snow and ice climb “Willey’s Slide”.  Despite the prolonged dry spell, we found the center section running with water.  Here Dennis Crean finishes a wild five pitch, 5.7 up the right facing corners and thru the overhang just left of center.  Bring a full rack, some bugaboo pitons and two hammers.  Highlights were the well protected “slime wall” and a surprise bucket on the crux!